Developing Your Calgary Basement

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When you want to develop or renovate your basement in Calgary there are certain permits that you will need depending on the use to which the basement is going to be put. Permits are there for your protection and are the result of years of experience, testing and feed back. The proper permits ensure that what is being built is safe and that the appearance and use of it is consistent with other properties in the neighborhood.

A development permit is required if you are renovating to use the area for a business, changing the use (developing a suite with a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen) or changing the exterior walls or size of your house. If you are making structural changes to floors or beams for example, building a bedroom or bathroom, or if the value of the development is over $5,000 (which it likely will be) then you require a building permit. You may also need plumbing, heating and electrical permits. Any structural changes such as moving a post or beam will need detailed drawings.

Fortunately, Calgary basement developers are familiar with these permits and once you have agreed to have your basement built they will produce all the designs and plans for you and obtain the necessary permits on your behalf.

Of course, there are all sorts of things you can do when developing a basement. Some people just want a play area for the kids, others may need an extra bedroom or bathroom or even a whole suite for a relative. Still others want a games room, a basement wet bar for entertaining family and friends, a home office, or even a man cave with a huge plasma television and all the latest electronic toys and gadgets.

Whatever your requirements you can be sure that PLANIT BUILDERS have the knowledge and the skills to provide a finished product that is exactly as you had dreamed it would be.