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We are a company that our customers know for providing Calgary roof repair services. Our goal is to provide high quality roofing service as a fair price, but this isn’t the only thing we have to offer you. In fact, our reputation is built on the great job we do planning with our customers, so that they get the job done right the first time. A great deal of this has to do with time management. We have found that a well planned roofing project must be kept on a schedule, so that delays are avoided for both our company and the client. Therefore, being on time and sticking to that commitment is our first promise to you.

When providing Calgary roof repair services, the next step is setting up time with the client to map things out. Our goals cannot be achieved, if we do not have a clear vision of what our clients expect. To save time, we map out every step of the roofing process and make sure the client understands what we are doing for them. We consider the times of day our staff will be working at the job site, but also how it impacts the customer, their family, and their daily life. Nobody wants a crew causing more chaos and havoc, than it is worth. So we utilize a planned schedule and let you be part of that process.

Many customers get worried, when it comes to the actual cost of roofing supplies for their individual project. Our rates are affordable, but it is understandable when customers are concerned about the actual material costs involved in a roofing project. We make this easier, because we will update you will itemized lists of all the material costs being incurred, as they impact your final project figures. We try to get materials at good prices, as a long as we are sure it doesn’t lower the quality of the roofing repair work. Only the best materials will be laid as part of your roofing repairs, but you will be in the know every step of the way. So you can rest easier.

We are a company that our customers know for providing Calgary roof repair services, just ask any of them for a reference. They can express better than we can, how happy they have been with their roofing repairs and the results they got for their money. We believe in putting customer satisfaction, as our top priority. If you aren’t happy with the job we do, then nobody is going to be satisfied. Tell us what your individual roofing repair needs are and we will listen. Give us a chance to show you what professionalism looks like in roofing repair industry, we guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

Three builders of new homes in Calgary have been awarded the title of J D Power Builders Of Excellence for 2013. They are Innovations By Jayman, Sterling Homes and Brookfield Homes.

All three businesses were rated highly for providing outstanding customer satisfaction and service.

The study, which is conducted in co-operation with the Professional Home Builders Association of Alberta, measures how satisfied customers are through the purchase process and early occupation. All performed very well in construction team/site; workmanship and materials; home readiness; service and staff. According to J D Power, levels of customer satisfaction in Calgary in 2013 are the highest that they have been since 2008.

Jayman have a range of quick possession homes if you want to move in fast, but equally will let you design your own home from a choice of floor plans, innovations such as their Quantum Performance energy saving system, and a dream kitchen which includes the optional Chef’s Fit. They currently have developments at Currie Barracks, Auburn Bay, Mahogany, Douglasdale and Chaparral Valley, in addition to New Brighton which is described as reminiscent of the English countryside.

Sterling Homes have communities in Drake Landing, Mountain View, Ranchers Rise and The Hill in Westridge – all in Okotoks – together with others at McKenzie Lake, Panorama Hills and Airdrie. More developments are at Legacy – SE, Kinniburgh, Sequoia and Silverado – SW and Nolan Hill – NW.

Brookfield Homes are presently building in Cranston, McKenzie Towne and Riverstone of Cranston, Auburn Bay as well as Bridgeland in the North East. They have Condominium Town Homes, side-by-side Homes and Single Family Homes at prices ranging from $200,000 to $430,000. A side-by-side show home at Auburn Bay has very recently opened. They currently have no fewer than 16 homes ready for immediate possession in Cranstone, Riverstone, Auburn Bay and McKenzie Towne. Brookfield do point out on their webstite that the show homes shown are of the same floor plan as the ones available for quick possession – not the actual home for sale – but you can nevertheless get a very good idea of whether a particular home is likely to be for you and is worth following up.

Hard on the heels of these three is another Calgary developer, Riverview Custom Homes. This company has been doing renovation projects and estate developments from $50,000 to over $5,000,000 for the last ten years. Apart from their skills as craftsmen, one of the things that is unique about Riverview is that they keep every invoice and receipt for clients to view at any time. If they say that the bill for door fittings, for example, was $710.47 then you know that is exactly what it cost. You can be absolutely certain that you will never be overcharged.