DiSC Profile Management – What Is It All About?

J BulletinDiSC Profile DiSC Profile Management – What Is It All About?

DiSC Profile Management is a system that enables you to learn which of four personality groups you fall into which, in turn, enables you to learn how to react with others.

These may – and often will be – people that you work with, but can include friends, family and anyone else with whom you come into regular contact such as fellow members of a committee.

DiSC is used by Fortune 500 companies, sales companies, HR professionals, doctors, dentists, government departments, coaches and many others as an essential tool for improving all round performance.

DiSC is an acronym and stands for Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Everyone has what are known as “shades” of all four groups but will predominantly fall into one, or possibly two of the groups.

Each group has certain characteristics. Their emphasis will fall on certain things, they will have certain tendencies, will be motivated by similar things to others in the group, will share certain fears, have similar limitations and there are particular things you will notice about them.

For instance, the dominant group will welcome overcoming obstacles, accept challenges and tend to get immediate results. They are motivated by power and challenge, but fear loss of control or being taken advantage of. They are impatient and display a lack of concern for others. You notice that they are decisive, take risks and are self-confident.

When you understand what motivates not only others in your group but also what motivates you, you are then in a position to understand why others behave they way they do and to modify your own behaviour accordingly.

This doesn’t only apply to people with whom you work. Honda has used DiSC Profile Management to understand its customers better and to retain customer loyalty. The trick is understanding what makes people tick.